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updated at 15/04/2011

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Beaches like Cautaro, Las Maritas, Playa Blanca, Playa Colorada, Manare Cautarito and are visited by thousands of  tourists in different seasons of the year traveling the path of the sun to reach the small town of Mochima, where they can find a variety of recreational options.

"Boat rides, scuba diving courses, children’s attractions and sports activities are some of the alternatives offered to visitors," said José Gregorio Prieto, the popular "Cheo", owner of Tiburon Tours, a company that operates in the main pier the people, and has become famous for its dolphin tours.

The pristine and calm waters of Mochima are loved by many people who are amazed with the beauty and uniqueness of the seabed hosting mangroves, corals and colonies of sea anemones, shrimp, fish, and crabs  that make the sea a kind of womderful zoo.

Practitioners of diving, swimming and sailing are regular visitors to the shores of Mochima. After an enjoyable day of sport many return to town to stay in small inns.

Mochima has  plenty of small restaurants where most dishes are prepared with seafood, craft sales and famous coctails are also offered in this population. Locals provide services of sea transportation to  beaches that it is difficult to reach by land. With time and willingness anyone can get carried away with these and other charms that encloses the Mochima National Park.


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