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updated at 15/04/2011

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Los Llanos is the vast plains region covering much of central and southwestern Venezuela. Venezuela's Llanos is sparsely populated, mostly by tough farmers and cowboys living off the region's main activity, extensive cattle-ranching.

Now if you are a tourist with a curiosity and sensitivity to nature, we recommend visiting Los Llanos Venezolanos: Our plains, which occupy more than a quarter of the country, have a varied flora and fauna in complete harmony.

The climate is governed by a distinct rainy season (winter season from June to November) and a dry season (from December to May).During these seasons, major changes not only the environment but on biodiversity typical of these areas.

Among the wildlife you can find at these natural reservoirs are: the dolphins (the river dolphin), the peacock, the golden fish, the striped and the dangerous Caribbean (Piranha), the anteater, red hawk, stone curlews ; herons pallets, brown and white, the water dog, the Orinoco crocodile, partridge, the canaguaro, the howler (howler monkey), spectacled caiman, capybaras and other reptiles, etc.


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